okt 23

The Bobi Wine effect: what's going on in Uganda?

23. oktober, kl. 18:00-19:30
Fellesrådet for Afrika
Fellesrådet for Afrika, Kirkegata 5
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President Museveni has been the president in Uganda since 1986. In a country where more than 75 percent of the population is below 35 years, many have never known any other president. Lately, many youth have voiced their support of artist and member of Parliament, Bobi Wine, as someone who could bring about real change. Some have compared the situation in the country to a pressure cooker waiting to explode. But how is the situation in Uganda? And is there a future without Museveni in sight?

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okt 24

Afrika Nå: Long walk to press freedom in Africa?

24. oktober, kl. 18:00-19:30
Fellesrådet for Afrika
Kjelleren, Litteraturhuset i Oslo
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Each year, Reporters Without Borders ranks countries according to the degree of freedom the media enjoys. The list for 2018 shows that press freedom varies considerably across Africa. While Ghana, Namibia and South Africa score high, countries such as Eritrea, Sudan, Burundi, Somalia and Egypt are at the bottom. What is the situation for the free media on the African continent? And how do the challenges influence transparency, accountability and the rule of law?

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okt 25

Frokostmøte: Fortsatt slaveforhold for Sør-Afrikas vinarbeidere

25. oktober, kl. 08:30-10:00
Norsk Folkehjelp, Svenssonstiftelsen og Fellesrådet for Afrika
Norsk Folkehjelp, Stortorvet 10
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I 2016 gikk vinarbeiderne ved Robertson Winery i Western Cape-regionen til streik for bedre arbeids- og leveforhold. Mange av dem manglet tilgang til rent drikkevann eller nok mat. De jobbet med farlige sprøytemidler uten beskyttelsesutstyr.

Vinen de produserer, selges i stort monn på det norske Vinmonopolet.

Hvordan er situasjonen for vinarbeiderne i dag? Har Vinmonopolet noe ansvar for vinarbeidernes arbeidsvilkår?

Møt CSAAWUs generalsekretær, Trevor Neil Christians og Francina Sanna Herandien for en oppdatering fra vinmarkene.

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nov 02

Oslo World Seminars: Freedom to love

2. november, kl. 18:00-19:30
Oslo World ++
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South Africa’s Constitution of 1996 is considered one of the most progressive ever written. It includes a ban on discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and protects the rights of people regarding sexual orientation. South Africa is also a country in which plenty of musicians and public figures are openly gay. The legal framework is set. The public visibility is prominent and constantly increasing. Yet, the LGBTI+ community in South Africa faces a set of discriminatory practices: Violence, harassment, intimidation and hate crimes are common.

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des 04

Savage Objects

4. desember, kl. 19:00-20:30
Litteraturhuset i Oslo

Lecture and meeting with Professor Achille Mbembe

Mbembe will visit Oslo after attending this year’s Holberg debate in Bergen. At the House of Literature, Mbembe will give a lecture on what he terms “savage objects”. It is about African artifacts in Western museums, and about the ongoing debate on ‘restitution’, as it relates to broader issues of debt and universal justice.

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