The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa is a solidarity organisation which sees dissemination of information as its most important tool in its contribution towards justice and development in and for Africa. Read more >

Watch our new film: The Norwegian Paradox - oil in Angola


Angola is Norway’s “biggest and most important economic partner in Africa” says the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Angolan continental shelf is the largest contributor to Statoil’s production outside Norway, and last year the company paid NOK 30 billion in taxes to the Angolan government – more than the sum total of Norwegian development aid. But what happens to all the money? Does it contribute to development and strengthen human rights? Or does it help to keep a corrupt regime in power?

We travelled to Angola to follow the money.The film is directed by Even Stormyhr.

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Patrick Gathara

Patrick Gathara

Is the problem with Kenya really that it is full of Kenyans?

Lately, many of the diagnoses that have been offered on the causes of Kenya’s problems, from corruption to terrorism, have sought to lay the blame collectively on its citizens. “It begins with you” is a common refrain heard whenever blocked drains and poor city planning cause flooded roads or whenever governmental malfeasance or incompetence permits terrorists to wreak havoc. Last year, a headline to Michela Wrong’s articlein Foreign Policy declared, “Everyone Is Corrupt in Kenya, Even Grandmothers”.
Now, of course, we must be wary of national stereotypes which, more often than not, offer few insights and are reflections of the prejudice of those spouting them. After all, the Japanese and German societies were once thoughtto be lazy, dishonest and poor time-keepers, with cultures singularly unsuited to the requirements of development.
Still, the idea persists that the Kenyan government is reflective of the will, inclinations and culture of the population, and that the reasons for its failures are really to be found, not in the persons occupying high office, but in the society they spring from. So there is talk of corruption being a cultural problem and a bewailing… ( Read on! )
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Leaders respond to dissent and terror threats with brutal force, says Amnesty report

Nairobi (Kenya) - Authorities, faced with mounting security challenges and the prospect of losing power in upcoming polls, are responding with brute force to crush terror threats and dissent in East Africa, a report by Amnesty international says. Read more >

The East African (Kenya), by Trevor Analo / 9.3.2015

What would a meaningful agenda for Human Rights Day look like?

Johannesburg (South Africa) - On 21 March 1960, the apartheid police opened fire on a crowd of protestors in Sharpeville, killing 69 people. Read more >

South African Civil Society Information Service (SACSIS), by Jane Duncan* / 9.3.2015

More war, more talks

The escalation of violence by 'Islamic State' in Libya over the past month has contributed fresh horror to an already bloody conflict. Read more >

Africa Confidential / 9.3.2015


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