The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa is a solidarity organisation which sees dissemination of information as its most important tool in its contribution towards justice and development in and for Africa. Read more >

Watch our new film: The Norwegian Paradox - oil in Angola


Angola is Norway’s “biggest and most important economic partner in Africa” says the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Angolan continental shelf is the largest contributor to Statoil’s production outside Norway, and last year the company paid NOK 30 billion in taxes to the Angolan government – more than the sum total of Norwegian development aid. But what happens to all the money? Does it contribute to development and strengthen human rights? Or does it help to keep a corrupt regime in power?

We travelled to Angola to follow the money.The film is directed by Even Stormyhr.

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George Ngwane

George Ngwane

The Iceberg of Opposition Politics in Cameroon (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Shortcomings of the Opposition
It is generally argued that the playing field in Cameroon does not militate in favour of Opposition parties winning elections. With no genuine independent/neutral persons within an Independent Electoral Commission (be it National Elections Observatory or Elections Cameroon), and with a contentious new electoral code adopted by a CPDM majority parliament in March 2012, the elections have been reduced to a two horse race between the CPDM and its French translation- RDPC.
SDF Rally (c) The Epoch Times
In effect according to Dr. Tangie Fonchingong, there are a lot of exogenous factors that deprive the Opposition from starting the election race on the same block as the ruling party- disenfranchisement, nonchalant international community, low civic participation, rigging, sterile political debates occasioned by the trading of accusations of illegitimacy between the ruling party and the Opposition parties etc.

But apart from these, and as can be seen below there are failures inherent in the modus operandi and structures of Opposition parties in Cameroon that have made them more of dividers and spoilers rather than connectors and drivers of our democratic… ( Read on! )

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Spy vs. Shy: Life before & after The cables

Johannesburg (South Africa) - One day —many moons from now —our descendants, if they are free men, will build great monuments in honour of the humble flash drive. Read more >

Daily Maverick (South Africa), by Richard Poplak / 24.2.2015

It’s election year; cross your fingers

Nairobi (Kenya) - Nigeria, the anchor state of West Africa, is itself now unstable. Read more >

The East African (Kenya), by L. Muthoni Wanyeki* / 24.2.2015

Democracy delayed

Even a six-week postponement of the elections looks unlikely to slow the momentum of opposition presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari. Read more >

Africa Confidential / 24.2.2015


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