The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa

The Norwegian Council for Africa is a solidarity organisation which sees dissemination of information as its most important tool in its contribution towards justice and development in and for Africa. Read more >

Watch our new film: The Norwegian Paradox - oil in Angola


Angola is Norway’s “biggest and most important economic partner in Africa” says the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Angolan continental shelf is the largest contributor to Statoil’s production outside Norway, and last year the company paid NOK 30 billion in taxes to the Angolan government – more than the sum total of Norwegian development aid. But what happens to all the money? Does it contribute to development and strengthen human rights? Or does it help to keep a corrupt regime in power?

We travelled to Angola to follow the money.The film is directed by Even Stormyhr.

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Lina Ben Mhinna

Lina Ben Mhinna

TEDx Lecce Future

“Do you also think that the youth are indeed writing the future”? Do you also think that the future belongs to the youth”?

I notice that the majority of you believe that.  But the rest, really do not!
Personally I won’t hide the fact that I don’t believe it. I don’t believe this sentence that is often hammered into our heads like a truism, an absolute truth, or the obvious. 
Indeed, in its essence, the future is the result of the past and the present combined.
This is on the one hand. On the other hand we cannot forget that today’s youth will not be young in the future, or at least will not be as young as they are today.
From here, I’m on the verge of believing that the affirmation: “The future belongs to the youth” is just a lure, abait, a hoax, or a vast deception!
Let’s see!!!
Who really decides what our countries, our Mediterranean, or our world   will be like in 1O, 15, or even in 2O years? Are they really the youth?
What is the real weight of the youth in the economic, political, and management decision-making processes that will shape our cities, regions, countryside and environment in the decades to come ?
Who will obtain… ( Read on! )
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